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Die Universitätsstudenten Benny und Christopher lernen sich während eines Football-Spiels kennen und verlieben sich ineinander. Unterstützt von ihren Familien und Freunden, beginnen die beiden eine Beziehung miteinander. Doch als Geschichten aus. two awful gay films called 'Wild Awakenings' and 'Four days in France', I got to watch Akron. Finally a good gay intelligent film. For once the gay factor isn't central. Ihre Beziehung wird durch ein Familiengeheimnis auf eine harte Probe gestellt. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Akron. Handlung von. Akron ein Film von Sasha King und Brian O'Donnell mit Matthew Frias, Edmund Donovan. Inhaltsangabe: Der Latino Benny (Matthew Frias). Und Akron in Ohio ist nicht groß genug, um Geheimnisse für immer zu bewahren. ''Ein toller Film, der lange nachhallt - unbedingt sehenswert!'' kulturnews.

akron film

Finally a film where the two 'gays' are already happily out (being gay isn't the problem) Akron ist einer der Filme, der einen erfreut und entspannt zurückläßt. Nicht zuletzt sind es die überzeugenden Darsteller und der Glaube an die Liebe, die „Akron“ zu einem ergreifenden wie romantischen Familiendrama machen. Akron jetzt legal online anschauen. Der Film ist aktuell bei Amazon, iTunes, Pantaflix, Videoload, CHILI, realeyz verfügbar. Bei einem Footballspiel lernen sich. Aktuelle News zu weiteren Filmen. Den Segen ihrer Familien scheinen sie zunächst zu bekommen und so dürfen sie zusammen ausgehen und in den Ferien gemeinsam verreisen. Zwei College-Studenten entdecken in Akron ihre Liebe zueinander. Reader Rating: 3 votes 2. Das könnte dich auch interessieren. Als dieses dann bekannt wird, sehen sich Benny und Christopher einer harten Probe gegenüber, die sie zu entzweien droht. Mai Vormerken Ignorieren Read article Liste Please click for source. Kommentare zu Akron werden geladen akron film

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Christopher e Benny [GAY LGBT] Say Something. Otherwise the remark staggers the mind. Watch the video. He gets roped into playing a game of American Football with his 'besty' girlfriend and after he meets, the rather dashing, Christopher. Both families are accepting and supportive of Benny and Christopher dating, but over time Christopher begins putting the pieces together that his mother is the one who akron film killed Benny's brother. We never know how long the relationship between Benny and Christopher lasted. This movie,, like ,, ahhhh, was so good at click here you feel those emotions!! Nathan, 16, lives alone with his father Stephane. Runtime: 88 min. But because it involves 2 boys who find each other and are attracted to each other some viewers apologise, streetdance new york nicholas galitzine doubt their common sense. It has extremely attractive young actors click at this page understand their trade.

Akron Film Video

4th Man Out (2015) Nicht zuletzt sind es die überzeugenden Darsteller und der Glaube an die Liebe, die „Akron“ zu einem ergreifenden wie romantischen Familiendrama machen. Die beiden frisch verliebten, schwulen Teenager Benny und Christopher verbringen in AKRON ihren ersten gemeinsamen Urlaub, als plötzlich. Akron jetzt legal online anschauen. Der Film ist aktuell bei Amazon, iTunes, Pantaflix, Videoload, CHILI, realeyz verfügbar. Bei einem Footballspiel lernen sich. Finally a film where the two 'gays' are already happily out (being gay isn't the problem) Akron ist einer der Filme, der einen erfreut und entspannt zurückläßt.

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Edmund Donovan. Bill More info. Vormerken Ignorieren Zur Liste Kommentieren. Schwule Filme von gerd. My Days of Mercy Deine E-Mail-Adresse wird nicht veröffentlicht. Redaktion 4. Carol Diego Suarez Lorenzo is a quiet teenager who lives with his parents and his younger brother in small city in Argentinean Patagonia. One thought that never seemed to have was whether blame should have been shared between both mothers Edit Cast Credited cast: Edmund Donovan CelluRob 6 February Both guys were attractive and it was very romantic, sometimes erotic, and interesting because their relationship was accepted link both families, even the Latino father of the character played by Matthew Frias. Kanarie Aber ihre privatdetektiv stahl Familien verbindet ein Geheimnis, welches nach und nach an die Oberfläche kommt. Der Blonde 4. Woke — — Please click for source 2 Datenschutzbestimmungen anzeigen. Schnell wird es ernst link ihnen. Schwule Filme von gerd. Januar Budget. Mai Aber ihre beiden Familien verbindet ein Geheimnis, welches nach und nach an die Oberfläche kommt. Seitenverhältnis. Bewerte : 0. Akron - Trailer English HD. Brian O'Donnell. März Link E-Mail-Adresse wird nicht veröffentlicht. Woke — — Season 2 Bei einem Footballspiel lernt er dann eines Tages Christopher Edmund Donovan kennen, der ebenfalls click to see more Studienanfänger ist.

And while having and having watched repeatedly many of the 2, movies in my library, I am not a professional movie reviewer. But I believe that I do have an informed opinion about what is good and what is not good in movies overall.

The number of low and lowest ratings that some gave "Akron" surprised me, in part because I have given "Akron" a "10". So when I was recently visiting relations in Akron, Ohio, I asked several of my Latino relations about the allegations that a heavily Latino local church may have organized a number of the church's congregants to write IMDb for the purpose of slamming Akron because Matthew Frias was Latino and had competently played a gay young man in a very favorable light, within a story line that was very favorable to a gay love affair.

One of my relations turned out to be one of the church congregants who participated in this fraud, and then happily detailed just how this fraud on IMDb was orchestrated within the church itself.

This relation stated that apparently none of the congregants had actually watched "Akron" or Matthew Frias, or if they had, they had only done so for a few minutes.

The moral of this is very simple, as far as I can see. Be very careful when using the ratings assigned to movies that some might find politically charged.

And be very, very careful when religious groups target movies like "Akron" for whatever reason. The movie has a captivating plot with an amazing coincidence that is a characteristic of usual Korean dramas.

But I couldn't help but feel a backdrop of sermonizing, self-delusion, and undeveloped morality.

It's pretty clear that we are supposed to sympathize with the mother, and later admire her for her forgiveness.

But whom is she forgiving, and for what? She is angry at everyone but herself about the tragedy that occurred when by rights she was the person most responsible for it.

She was the caretaker of the children that day and I fully expected her to have an epiphany that she was blaming everyone else because she was unable to forgive herself or acknowledge her ultimate blame.

But that never came - we were left with her being some sort of hero of forgiveness when the people she forgave never deserved blame in the first place.

Forgiveness is an act of condescension, a putting of oneself into a position of judgement. We are supposed to admire her act of self-aggrandizement.

The movie ends without any resolution of her guilt and the message that sometimes we just need to forget. A bit of insight by the people involved would have raised the jejune level of human psychology displayed.

The more you watch this movie, the better it gets. It packs an emotional wallop. Even though the depiction of the two young gay men being totally free and expressing their love outwardly is very unrealistic because Akron is a very homophobic city.

The acting by all is outstanding. Matthew Frias projects the dominant role in the relationship. He makes the first move and takes charge.

He's displays the Latino temperament when he's riled, especially in a scene where he blows up at his boyfriend.

Edmund Donovan seems to be the sensitive one who grounds Benny when things are tense. His projection of love for Benny is something everyone dreams about.

He seems to good to be true and Donovan's acting is touching because you feel his pain as the pawn who is caught in the middle.

The scene where he rips into his mother is riveting, yet heartbreaking. This film does not deserve the rating that it has gotten from IMDb.

It deserves better and I wouldn't believe the negative ratings. Despite some of the implausibility of the plot, the performances and the direction overcome that detail.

It's that sort of movies that you feel happy and refreshed after watching them. The actors played their roles pretty good especially Edmund Donovan his face expressions were perfect as well as his using of body language and the tone of his voice I see a bright future for him in acting hopefully.

I just really liked the movie, it's a film displaying the life of two gay couple living a NORMAL life not like other movies where something tragic must happen eventually.

If you saw every gay movie made since , you'd never see one as good as Akron. It's not only the best gay movie made so far, it's one of the best movies period.

You have to look at the very best ever--movies like Gone with the Wind and The Godfather--to find any that are better than Akron. Benny and Christopher meet as college freshmen.

They get very close very fast. They're both extremely comfortable being gay, loved and fully supported by their friends and families, and they freely demonstrate their affection everywhere they go.

It's marvelous to see. There is no homophobia anywhere in this movie, thank God. No bullies, no bashing, no parental disapproval, no coming-out angst.

No hiding. No HIV. None of the other "curses" that most gay dramas wallow in. Critics may say Akron is unrealistic, but it's no less real than the negative crap we've already seen plenty of in gay movies.

Akron shows a beautifully healthy and positive side of the gay experience that has been completely neglected in movies until now.

There ARE families like this--lots of them--we just haven't seen them on screen before. There also is no melodrama in Akron, which is even more remarkable.

Nobody overacts or over-reacts. Nobody ever does anything that doesn't feel completely genuine and true and natural and normal.

There IS drama, but it's not centered on being gay. It turns out that the two families' paths had crossed in a terrible tragedy many years earlier, and when they discover that connection everything blows apart.

The last half of the movie shows how each person in the two families not just the lovers deals with the newly-awakened pain. Small, unpretentious movies like this, about human beings relating to each other, don't win awards or sell tickets any more, but they're the only movies worth seeing.

If you love blockbusters, you'll hate Akron; but if you love movies, you'll love this one. It's as nearly perfect in every way as a movie can be.

Have seen lots of gay themed movies and this is the FIRST one that showcases gayness in the most positive light possible. The two leading, gay characters are completely wholesome, young and attractive.

They are serious college students with families who love and accept them as they are. You won't find any smoking scenes in this movie And you won't hear sleaze bags tossing around the F word as their most descriptive adjective.

All you'll get are two athletic, academically oriented, "normal" behaving, gay college students who meet and fall for one another immediately.

All the acting is spot on. Dialogue is exceedingly realistic and natural. In virtually every category imaginable, it shines.

It has extremely attractive young actors who understand their trade. It features passion and frequent heart-wrenching emotion. The plot is well-conceived and carries tension throughout.

The filming and production are professional. It has everything, really, except a lot of nudity. It doesn't even become tiresome on a second or third viewing, because the acting is so superb and the emotional power so strong.

Edmund Donovan and Matthew Frias are brilliant in their portrayal of Chris and Benny, two college freshmen who fall in love at the University of Akron, but who prove to be as star-crossed as Romeo and Juliet, though unwittingly so at first.

By the worst luck imaginable, they learn that they are linked by a tragic event involving their mothers that occurred 12 years before they met.

Don't be fooled by the rural settings used in the movie. It's not an apple farm yawner like Fair Haven. This film has pace and is supported by powerful chemistry between two young and very talented actors.

The supporting cast members, especially Andrea Burns and Amy Da Luz who play the boys' mothers, bring extra power to the script.

Akron's IMDb rating of 6. It's every bit the equal of Departure and Brokeback Mountain and moves at a quicker tempo than either.

You'll wonder, as I do, why its IMDb rating isn't closer to 8. Clearly, it suffered from under-promotion upon release.

It is one truly beautiful film. Suradit 4 June Great movie primarily because of the actors, especially the two who play the central characters.

The plot is a bit contrived though entirely plausible. I don't think it's necessary to look for any deep meaning in the behavior of those involved.

Obviously a tragedy occurred and it was bound to have a profound effect on all involved and it was something that would not have been fully explored between parents and the very young boys at the time.

Likewise it would have been a painful jolt to all involved when it suddenly resurfaced again as the two young men fell for each other at school.

Forgiveness and rational thinking are easy to expect in theory, but far more difficult to deal with in reality.

One thought that never seemed to have arisen was whether blame should have been shared between both mothers Christopher's mother who was driving the car that struck Benny's brother and Benny's mother who apparently allowed the child to run out in front of the car.

We never know how long the relationship between Benny and Christopher lasted. The shared tragedy might have been overcome by love and forgiveness, but it would always be a burden that would weigh on them both.

It was a well done bit of drama and romance, but it was not anything from which profound meaning could be extracted.

A very touching story of two young college boys who find each other at a football game played in the mud.

Unfortunately they share a dark past when both boys were 4 or 5. Benny the very cute Hispanic boy's older 6 year old brother is killed when he runs out after a soccer ball and is killed in front of a mini van.

As one of the professional reviewers says Benny's Family is not stereotypical. His family is very supportive and loving. The tension of the past places stress on the boys relationship and families.

The supporting cast is phenomenal the actors who play Benny's mother and father and Christopher's mother are very Noteworthy not to mention Benny's little sister and the small roll of Christopher' s best friend Played by Cailin Rose all make for a very good movie.

What an amazing movie!! This is a must see and maybe even a must own for your collection!! I think the way that the story is told puts an emphasis on everything besides the sexuality of the main characters.

A much needed change from most of the gay films that are out in the world today. Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits.

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With the support of their families and friends they embark on Added to Watchlist. June's Most Anticipated Streaming Titles. Approved Gay Movies.

Share this Rating Title: Akron 6. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Edit Cast Credited cast: Edmund Donovan Christopher Joseph Melendez David Matthew Frias Benny Andrea Burns Lenora Cailan Rose Julie Isabel Rose Machado Becca Amy da Luz Carol Diego Suarez Young Benny Alexander Mariani Young Christopher Emily Patterson Cashier Andrew Wimmer John Danie O'Donnell Tucker Bryan Parker Learn more More Like This.

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