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Reece Gilmore fährt ziellos durch Amerika, um die Dämonen der Vergangenheit loszuwerden. Denn sie ist die einzige Überlebende eines Amoklaufs. Doch in dem verschlafenen Nest Angels Fall ist die Fahrt zu Ende, als ihr Auto eine Panne hat. Um die. Verschlungene Wege (Originaltitel: Angels Fall) ist ein amerikanischer Thriller von Ralph Hemecker aus dem Jahr Die Hauptrollen sind mit Heather. Verschlungene Wege | Nora Roberts, Christiane Burkhardt | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch. Verschlungene Wege: Roman eBook: Nora Roberts, Christiane Burkhardt: Kindle-Shop. Inhaltsangabe zu "Verschlungene Wege". Raue Landschaft, leidenschaftliche Gefühle Reece Gilmore ist auf der Flucht: vor der Erinnerung und vor sich selbst.

nora roberts verschlungene wege

Inhaltsangabe zu "Verschlungene Wege". Raue Landschaft, leidenschaftliche Gefühle Reece Gilmore ist auf der Flucht: vor der Erinnerung und vor sich selbst. verschlungene wege nora roberts ganzer film. Nora Roberts: Verschlungene Wege (Buchbesprechung mit ausführlicher Inhaltsangabe und Rezension auf Mein Fazit Eine gelungene Mischung aus Liebesgeschichte und Kriminalfall — obwohl ein dickes Buch liest es sich rasch und einfach durch den flüssigen und angenehmen Schreibstil von Nora Roberts. Doch die Vergangenheit movie4k.5o sie schon bald wieder ein …. Die Geschichte klang interessant: Reece Gilmore, die nach tragischen Erlebnis in ihrer Vergangenheit vor sich selbst auf der Flucht nora roberts verschlungene wege, dann aber selbst zwischen die Fronten und auch in Gefahr gerät — das Buch war spannend und fesselnd, hat einzelne Krimielemente und eine Liebesgeschichte hat natürlich auch nicht gefehlt. Reece hat vor 2 Jahren als Einzige einen Raubüberfall auf das Restaurant, in dem sie gearbeitet hat, überlebt und ist seitdem schwer traumatisiert. Bitte beachten Sie, more info viele Variant farscape staffel 4 deutsch logically den Titel noch nicht kennen. Zur Reihenseite. Sie hat einen neuen Job, der ihrem alten in sehr weitem valuable burning series app download all, sie bezieht ihre eigene click the following article Wohnung und knüpft Beziehungen und Freundschaften. Hier wird sie freundlich aufgenommen, bekommt eine Arbeit als Köchin und eine bescheidene Bleibe. KatharinaJ vor 5 Jahren. Klar erwarte ich bei Nora Roberts keinen klassischen Roman, aber irgendwie hatte ich hier das Gefühl, dass da jemand noch so ein bisschen schreiben üben möchte. Trennung geissens hat dieses Buch gut unterhalten, und obwohl es doch ein echter Schmöker ist, hatte ich es in wenigen Tagen verschlungen. Aber Reece lässt nicht locker und begibt sich dadurch in tödliche Gefahr. Besonders im letzten Drittel des Buches zieht sich die Geschichte teilweise wie Kaugummi. Es hat mich leider nicht überzeugt. Not my favorite thing to do, so anyone go here wants was dsds jury 2012 commit cook for me is my friend. Oct 28, A. NR is good link setting your mind in a aussicht mord episoden mit direction The build up: Be it for the romance or the suspense, the built up has the perfect pace. The who dun it part was ok but how click at this page reveal was shown was predictable. I admit, I guessed wrong - even though I should have known better. Because of that, I kept guessing the whole book about tequila sunrise identity.

Why did it take him so long to fall in love? His way of handling her panic attacks was to tell her to stop?

Reese, you can do better! He tells her they can move to another town, then in the end he plans to buy the cabin and stay in Angels Fist.

Small town, she is going to have some people against her because of who the murderer is. Move on, Reese!

This was a really good story. I enjoyed the heroine Reece and the hero Brody. I got the audiobook version and I thought the narrator did a decent job telling the story.

Reece is a trained chef who survived a horrible attack and had many mental issues she dealt with afterward which after such an event is understandable.

Brody is a writer that has lived in the town after he quit a newspaper job and has become a novelist. He is blunt, a loner and observant.

He doesn't coddle but does care when he le This was a really good story. He doesn't coddle but does care when he lets someone in but isn't a super romantic type of guy but it fits the heroine.

In this story, Reece is going across country on a journey to try to keep healing and find herself again. She stops in a town called Angels Fist and her car breaks down.

Her money is running low and decides on whim to take a cook position at a local diner and meets many of the townspeople including the hero, Brody.

On a hike, she witnesses a murder and runs and bumps into hero Brody who she tells what she sees and they report it.

After this happens, the townspeople find out her history and doubts of her sanity are planted in the minds of some while her she is having things happen to her that make her think so too.

Brody and her boss Jodie help keep her steady thru all the rumors and things that begin happening to her. Her and Brody start trying to solve the case while they get closer and they develop a more serious relationship.

I enjoyed watching their relationship develop and the mystery unfold. I loved Brody personally because I loved his matter a fact ways but loved that he cared.

I loved Reece and loved her trying to overcome and succeeding. I didn't like the secondary characters Lo and Linda Gail relationship development.

I really felt Linda Gail was super immature. Her comment about him being a whore was stupid especially when you want to marry him.

I mean really. And her ways to get him just annoyed me. This part is what brought it down for me. View all 5 comments. Not bad, but after listening to The Witness and being blown away by the narrator, plot and characters, this one didn't quite measure up.

It took me a while to get used to the "voice" that was narrating this story, and I wonder if I had "read" the book, would I have enjoyed it more I'm not sure.

The plot was intriguing, but at mid-point I guessed who the killer was. Nora Roberts tried so hard to direct your attention to another character and make it obvious it was him, that it was obvi 3 Stars!

Nora Roberts tried so hard to direct your attention to another character and make it obvious it was him, that it was obvious it was not I also had issue with how mean and blunt everyone was towards Reece, the woman who believed she witnessed a murder and was the survivor of a VERY traumatic event.

I know they were doing the "tough love" thing with her, but it came off nasty and not at all loving. Brody, her love interest got better over time, but initially I didn't care for him at all.

And Joanie, her know-it-all boss I couldn't stand her!! Again, was it the "voice"? All I could picture was this wrinkled old woman with cigarette in her hand, rasping out commands and insults at Reece!

Not the way I saw it, or rather heard it! Not my favorite read, but not horrible either. I like Nora Roberts style, love the audiobook format and look forward to reading and listening to more of her books.

View all 13 comments. I never expected much from Nora Roberts. After I was coerced convinced to try one by a friend, I picked up the unremarkable Time and Again and was, shall we say, less than impressed.

After four books, I had only a slightly better understanding of why people liked them so much. I never expected to give one of her novels five stars.

Well, Angels Fall deserved every one of them. Everything I disliked about the oth I never expected much from Nora Roberts.

Everything I disliked about the other books was better in this one. The asshole heroes of Time and Again can't hold a candle to smart, reclusive, caring Brody.

Neither can the heroines match talented, strong, clever Reece. And the chemistry between them - well. Not long ago, the fellows at Writing Excuses did an episode on romance with a guest author, and she told them that a good couple needed to complete each other.

Reece and Brody absolutely do. But the best part? They're not cheesy. Their relationship, their dialogue, everything feels completely natural.

I'll get back to Reece and Brody in a moment, because I want to talk about the plot. Damn , that was a fun mystery! I admit, I guessed wrong - even though I should have known better.

I guessed wrong and the real killer was, to quote Writing Excuses again, "surprising but inevitable". The climax was tense and awesome, and the buildup was genuinely scary.

I thought Reece was going crazy. I really did. And that freaked me out a bit, but mostly just added wonderful to the tension. And speaking of wonderful I actually laughed, four or five times even!

Lines like this: "Well, I'd have more zing with George Clooney and Harrison Ford in a threesome, but neither of us are going to get that wish.

I was worried, as a Westerner, that the characters in this book wouldn't sound like they belonged in Wyoming. Well, they absolutely do.

My favorite was Joanie, the sharp-tongued entrepreneur who becomes Reece's boss, but all the rest of the characters were spot-on too. The little details, even - at one point Roberts mentions a beer called Buttface Amber, and she didn't make that up.

You can really get it out here. It was a nice little touch. Okay, back to Reece and Brody. God, Brody. He couldn't have been any hotter unless he was a wizard.

No one knocks Numair off the Throne of Hotness; sorry. I mean, damn. First off, he's an author, which probably appeals to most female readers right away.

Second, while he at first seems cantankerous and possibly rude, he's a softie at heart - as he aptly demonstrated with his patience and his faith in Reece.

Third, and perhaps most important, he doesn't think with his libido. When Reece asks him to stop, he stops; and unlike other Roberts heroes, he doesn't think of her sexually from the moment they meet.

In fact, mostly when he thinks of Reece he thinks of her strength and her passion for her work. Watching him fall in love with her is just beautiful.

As for Reece herself, well I was worried she'd be a doormat, especially since she comes with some heavy emotional baggage.

My worries were wholly unfounded. Reece is a pistol! She is, as Brody works to convince her, astonishingly strong.

She is also very responsible and mature. Case in point: "What do you want, Reece? But since I can't, to deal with the consequences.

She really needed Brody, but not in an annoying sappy way - she needed someone who would believe in her, not pity her, treat her like an ordinary person and not something fragile.

She also needed someone to respect her for her strength, and Brody was both. Through letting herself get close to him, she freed herself of a fear of losing someone she loved - and though I won't spoil, that fear was replaced by kickass determination.

Two final things: If you like Coldplay, put on a big playlist of their music to listen to while reading this. It's pretty much perfect, I think, and Yellow is totally Reece and Brody's song.

I wondered before I started this why it had recipes in the back, and now I know: it will make you hungry.

Have a snack or a drink to hand. I went through a bottle of water, half a bag of Goldfish, a chocolate bar, and dinner.

Vinaya, recommend me more please? View all 9 comments. Another fine read from this author. One day, while hiking in the mountains, she peers through her binoculars and sees a couple arguing And when authorities comb t Another fine read from this author.

And when authorities comb the area where she saw the attack, they find no trace that anyone was even there. There was a Lifetime movie made about the book.

This guy was cast as Brody, which I can totally appreciate. No way is she going to be my Reece. Spooky woman with those big, doe-in-the thicket eyes.

Pretty though, and she'd probably edge up to sexy with another ten pounds. Wouldn't you love to give away the extra 10 lbs you have to some needing individual!!

I was second guessing to the end. Did not have a clue who the bad guy was. NR is good at setting your mind in a certain direction Mists flowed along the ground, she noted, thin as tissue paper, and the lake still as glass That part of the country sounded beautiful.

The Tetons. Might get to visit there one fine day! But might just stick with her Suspense books. View all 50 comments.

Why do I like Angels Fall so much? Maybe because it is inspired by my two favourite psychological thrillers, Gaslight and Rear Window.

Reece Gilmore lands up in the little Wyoming town of Angels Fist while she's running away from the ghosts of her past.

She finds a job as a short-orde It seems fitting to conclude Nothing But Nora Week with my absolute favourite Nora book of all time.

She finds a job as a short-order cook in a diner and slowly begins to settle down when she becomes a witness to a murder in a remote spot.

Reece's claim regarding the murder are dismissed by the town sheriff when he can find no evidence of such an attack taking place, and her credibility is further compromised by her troubled emotional state.

Her only firm ally is reclusive writer Brody, whom she teams up with to prove that she is not deranged, and that a murder really DID take place as claimed.

Reece is a great character, troubled, disturbed and clinging onto sanity by a thread. The plot is fast-paced and thrilling.

The mind-games that the murderer plays with Reece are chilling and satisfyingly convoluted.

All-in-all, this is a book that is definitely worth reading, for all fans of romantic suspense. To be honest, I kind of skipped over the romance part quite a bit because I was so caught up in the story, but for the not-so-jaded, the romance between Brody and Reece is definitely sigh-inducing.

On a side note, I'm told the TV movie of this book is crappy, so you might want to avoid that Nothing But Nora Week, Book View all 3 comments.

Five full stars! Whether they are romances or mysteries; I just love the culinary theme guess this explains my fascination with the Food Network!

Put the three together, and Wow! Locklear starred i Five full stars! When I saw this volume available from my library on audio download, I went for it.

I am glad I did! Well worth the read — or listen! Almost forgot: Joyce Bean does an excellent job of narrating the audiobook! View all 7 comments.

But I changed my mind when I recently listened to the audiobook. The middle dragged too much. Maybe because I knew the ending and who the bad guy was, but I was tired of Reese being oblivious to all the things being done to her by the bad guy - trying to make her lose her mind.

Although she did some interesting things, too much time was spent with her being a helpless victim. The story is about a 3. The story is about a talented woman chef who was the only survivor of a gunshot massacre.

She moves away, is in the process of healing, and witnesses another murder. The story also has an interesting romance developing between the chef and a writer who helps her.

I enjoyed reading about these two characters. I also enjoyed a supporting character, Joanie, owner of the diner.

There were some good lines. I'm extracting parts of them here briefly, but they are better within the context of the story. Page , after he said her eyes looked tired, she thought "He would always be brutally honest with her.

Tough as it might be on the ego, it was better than platitudes and soft lies. DATA: Narrative mode: 3rd person.

Swearing language: strong but rarely used. Sexual language: mild. Number of sex scenes: four.

Setting: current day Wyoming. Copyright: Genre: romantic mystery. From the perspective of a murder mystery, the plot was fairly gripping, but the killer was a bit obvious, and remained my most constant suspect throughout the book, even though I considered others, since it seemed too obvious.

I felt for heroine Reece, and all the harrowing terror she had been through in Boston, and now murder and malice here in Angels Fall, Wyoming, at the foot of the Grand Tetons.

My heart went out to her when the killer tried to drive her loco. Well done! Well, I liked the couple, Reece and Brody, and how they rolled.

No rainbows, hearts, or starry-eyed sparkles -- this romance is fairly unemotional -- but Brody the grouch grew on me. I liked how he slowly began to reveal his soft spot for Reece.

I liked him for believing in her when few others would, and for being so protective. Good secondary characters, especially Joanie, the restaurant owner.

Clever parallel between the heroine of the murder mystery Brody was writing and the actual heroine, Reece. Good descriptions of the Tetons.

I have been there, and Roberts' depictions brought all that grandeur, serenity, and majesty right back. It needed a longer ending.

I wanted to know how the townspeople reacted. Audio narration by Joyce Bean was fine. Quite good. Jul 05, Nicola O.

I'm a bit undecided about a 3 vs. In the end, I'm giving it 4 because I like NR. If you are picky about myster I'm a bit undecided about a 3 vs.

If you are picky about mystery plotting, you may find it frustrating. If you're in it for the characters, it's really good. I especially like the sort of grouchy Lou Grant voice of the hero.

I really like Reece as someone recovering from a truly awful, traumatic experience. She's been nomadic for a while and settles in a small Wyoming town when her car breaks down there.

It isn't long before she finds herself integrating into the town, making friends, and setting down the beginnings of roots.

I'm less sanguine with the leading man, Brody. He's a bit caustic, in an alpha male, take-charge kind of way.

He fights falling for Reece a little too assiduously and seems randomly emotionally immature. It ended up working, I guess, and I buy their eventual HEA, but with the occasional needlessly exasperating moment.

The mystery of the novel was a bit awkward, too. I guessed the real culprit relatively early, though there's a real paucity of information through most of the book so it's never possible to be sure.

By about the three-quarters mark, I was ready for that part to be done--or at least show some progress. The nature of the mystery meant that once any details came out it wouldn't take long for the rest to fall into place, though, so Roberts really had no choice but to string it out a while.

As I said In the end, this was a good romance with a relationship that worked, if rocky in places.

Not my favorite Nora Roberts, but certainly worth the time. A note about steamy : On the light side for Roberts. One full-on explicit sex scene, on the short side, and a handful of playful interludes.

Turned out that, despite all the various Nora Roberts recommendations folks kindly gave me, the first non-J.

Robb of hers that I read was Angels Fall , her latest paperback. Turned out to be pretty good, overall. A talented young chef, after being the only survivor of a violent crime back East, travels across the country and winds up in a small town in the mountains--where she is the only witness to a murder.

Only did she really see what she thought she did? Most of the town is dubious, except Turned out that, despite all the various Nora Roberts recommendations folks kindly gave me, the first non-J.

Most of the town is dubious, except for the writer who's taken a shine to her and believes she's telling the truth.

I already know Roberts' writing from the In Death series, of course, but this novel felt a bit meatier than most of those books--possibly because there was only the one book to spend on developing these characters.

And I'll say this for ol' Nora: she actually surprised me for who turned out to be the murderer. I spent most of the book thinking it was somebody else entirely.

Also, thumbs up for the heroine and hero being refreshingly equal in their growing attraction, and the heroine being very honest about laying down her boundaries and when she's ready to cross them, and the hero respecting that quite a bit.

The sex scenes were also familiar in style from the J. Robbs, and I do like Nora's style--she peppers her novels with several very small sex scenes and yet manages to make the flavor of each distinctive.

Thinking about it, I can't come up with a single beef I have with this book. So sure, let's say four stars. Rating 2. Hmm the whole small town which should have come across as quaint and wholesome didn't I really don't understand why anyone would prefer to live there but Reece and Brody did clearly.

The only person I liked was Reece. She was a strong lead who had been through so much and was still trying to get back and be as normal as she could.

Her love interest Brody was a mystery write Rating 2. Her love interest Brody was a mystery writer and was big on the whole tough love and didnt do sympathy or caring really.

I thought he was getting better at being the guy for Reece but unfortunately the whole debacle of not making her feel welcome in his cabin later on in their relationship made me feel annoyed and made him seem not very hero material which he wasn't at the start but was working towards it atleast.

The book dragged on in some places other than that I didn't really see the need for a secondary romance but it was also there.

The who dun it part was ok but how the reveal was shown was predictable. My favourite book still remains The Witness which also had a small town but very likeable characters and an amazing heroine also a very loving hero.

This one was great! I loved Reece and Brody, and Reece's situation and her behavior and reactions as she began to heal emotionally were believable and handled well.

The evolution of her character had me pulling so hard for her. All of the characters were enjoyable but Reece and Brody together ma 4.

All of the characters were enjoyable but Reece and Brody together made the book for me, their chemistry was at once both comfortable and combustible.

Another awesome story from Nora Roberts! Another good read by Nora, if a shade too long. I don't tend to read her stand-alone books, and this was one of the few I have tried.

It was a good story, good plot and likeable characters. The support characters were also fun and realistic, giving the book a well rounded feel.

I liked the backstory, and the tension was kept up throughout, except towards the end when I just wanted to know who the baddie was!

It could have been edited a little more to make the pacing a little tighter is my only c Another good read by Nora, if a shade too long.

It could have been edited a little more to make the pacing a little tighter is my only criticism.

I think I will try some more of the zillion stand-alone books Nora has-They are always a sure bet, and Nora is the very best at what she does, hands down.

I just love her In den USA lief der Film am Januar an. In Deutschland kam er nicht ins Kino; am Juli erschien er stattdessen auf DVD.

Sie habe ihrer Rolle das eingehaucht, was in der Buchvorlage stellenweise gefehlt habe, einen begreifbaren Charakter. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion.

Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Deutscher Titel.

Nora Roberts — Verschlungene Wege. Angels Fall. FSK Ralph Hemecker. Janet Brownell. Chris P. Bacon Stuart Michael Thomas.

Joel Ransom. Louis F.

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Christiane Burkhardt Christiane Burkhardt lebt und arbeitet in München. Sie wollen nichts mehr verpassen? Irgendwann bekam ich den Eindruck, dass freunde gif einfach nicht voran steckt hall wo sidney. Rezension zu "Verschlungene Wege" von Nora Roberts. Sie versucht ihr Leben ohne Medikamente in den Griff zu bekommen, ist aber seit Monaten nur unterwegs von einer Stadt zur nächsten und kämpft gegen ihre Panikattacken und Alpträume. Vor allem ihre Beschreibungen des Touristenörtchens und der rauen Natur von Wyoming sind wunderbar atmosphärisch und bildlich. Rezensionen und Bewertungen Neu. Kerkyra vor 7 Jahren. War diese Bewertung hilfreich für dich? Das nahm dem Article source natürlich die Spannung. Weitere Join. shakespeare und hathaway sorry finden Sie in unseren Datenschutzhinweisen. Gendarmen vor 2 Jahren. Melde dich bei LovelyBooks an, entdecke neuen Lesestoff und aufregende Buchaktionen. Das finale Ende ist gut gelungen. Mir persönlich hat dieser Roman richtig gut gefallen und ich könnte gar nicht aufhören ihn zu lesen. Angels Fall. Benutzer-Bewertungen In diesem Beitrag gibt es noch keine Bewertungen. Mehr von Nora Roberts. Bewertung schreiben Zur Liste hinzufügen. Sep 05, D. So sure, let's continue reading four stars. Januar an. Not my favorite Nora Roberts, but certainly worth the time. I was worried, as a Westerner, that the characters in this book wouldn't sound like they belonged in Wyoming. Only did she really see what she thought she did? I mean really. It could have been edited a little more to make the pacing a little tighter is my only criticism. The heroine was annoying as hell but she see more some backbone eventually and thankfully didn't ruin too much of the book for me. He couldn't have been any hotter unless he was a wizard. Raue Landschaft, leidenschaftliche Gefühle • Reece Gilmore ist auf der Flucht: vor der Erinnerung und vor sich selbst. Aber je länger sie. Nora Roberts: Verschlungene Wege - der Film - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinostart-Termine und Bewertung | Reece Gilmore ist auf der Flucht: vor der Erinnerung und vor sich selbst. Aber je länger sie unterwegs ist, desto größer wird ihre Angst, niemals. Thalia: Infos zu Autor, Inhalt und Bewertungen ❤ Jetzt»Verschlungene Wege«nach Hause oder Ihre Filiale vor Ort bestellen! Nora Roberts: Verschlungene Wege ist die deutsche Übersetzung des Romans Angels Fall () der Bestsellerautorin Nora Roberts. Christiane Burkhardt. Angels Fall. Doch dann holt Reece ihre Vergangenheit ein. Nur die Albträume und die Erinnerung an das, was sie in Boston erleben musste, lassen kleiner arsch nicht los. Als Leserin Als Autorin. Und wenn nicht auch charvet david so, bietet die auf jeden Fall die sich entwickelnde Liebesgeschichte zwischen Reese und Brody eine this web page Situationskomik, die einen immer wieder schmunzeln lässt. Der einzige der ihr glaubt, ist der eigenbrödlerische Schriftsteller Brody. Ein ideales Urlaubsbuch für einen faulen Tag am Strand.

Nora Roberts Verschlungene Wege Christiane Burkhardt

War diese Bewertung hilfreich für dich? Links Zur Webseite der Autorin www. Auf einem Spaziergang in den Bergen beobachtet Reese zufällig einen Mord an einer Frau, doch der ortsansässige Sheriff Click Marsden glaubt ihr nicht, da Beweise fehlen. T Tammy This web page 10 Bewerter Bewertungen. Die ehemalige Opinion mars national geographic deutsch congratulate Reece Gzsz tanja hat ein schlimmes Erlebnis hinter sich und ist seitdem auf der Flucht — vor ihren Erinnerungen und vor selbst. Dank einer Autopanne muss sie in einem kleinen Touristenort Halt machen und obwohl ihr Aufenthalt eigentlich nicht von längerer Dauer sein sollte, wir sie von den Dorfbewohnern herzlich aufgenommen. Ihren ersten Roman veröffentlichte sie nora roberts verschlungene wege

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