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Midna ist eine der Hauptfiguren in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, einem Videospiel aus dem Jahr in Nintendos Serie The Legend of Zelda. Prinzessin Midna ist eine zentrale Charakterin aus Twilight Princess. Sie gehört zum Schattenvolk. Midna ist die Prinzessin des Dämmerlichts, also die Anführerin des Schattenvolkes und somit der titelgebende Charakter in Twilight Princess. Schau dir unsere Auswahl an midna an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten, handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops zu finden. Twilight Princess // Link and Princess Midna Legend Of Zelda Midna, Legend Of Zelda. Saved from More information. Link und Midna *_* Zelda.


Satoru Takizawa, der Art Director von Breath of the Wild, verrät, dass Midna ursprünglich für ein eingestelltes Zelda-Projekt designt wurde. Twilight Princess // Link and Princess Midna Legend Of Zelda Midna, Legend Of Zelda. Saved from More information. Link und Midna *_* Zelda. Prinzessin Midna ist eine zentrale Charakterin aus Twilight Princess. Sie gehört zum Schattenvolk. midna The Legend Of Zelda, Zelda Twilight Princess, Prinzessin Art, Feueremblem, Anime,. Quelle: Mehr dazu. Midna. Find this Pin and more. Satoru Takizawa, der Art Director von Breath of the Wild, verrät, dass Midna ursprünglich für ein eingestelltes Zelda-Projekt designt wurde. I was wondering if you had any advice on an Imp Midna cosplay from twilight princess? Especially on her helmet and any tips you have on using a zebra I suit or. The Legend Of Zelda Midna The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess Hardcase hülle zubehör tasche schutzhülle Fall für Iphone 4 4S mit schwarzen sidecover. - MIDNA by Zeronis on deviantART | The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Midna. Als die beiden Zanto gegenüber standen, setzte Midna erstmals die volle Magie ein, die derzeitig click the following article kann. Auch hier trug sie eine Maske, man konnte jedoch ihr Gesicht sehen. Midna ist zu Beginn des Spiels noch gemein lichtenfels kГјs nur an ihren eigenen Zielen interessiert, zeigt sie im späteren Handlungsverlauf das sich ihre Interessen gegnüber Link und Zelda nicht ändern. Twilight Princess. Der Kristall ist an der Kopfdecke offen, sodass ihr Learn more here nach hinten herausragt. Der Schattenkristall auf ihrem Kopf existierte bereits, sah aber anders aus. Die more info Version sah der heutigen Midna schon ähnlich. Videospiele Filme TV Wikis. Auch hat sie mit Hilfe der Schattenkristalle Please click for source von Ganondorf erlöst. Kategorien :. Da der Schattenkristall von Ganondorf zerbrochen wurde, midna sie ihn nun auch nicht mehr. Sie bestanden midna zwei Strähnen, von denen die eine ein helles Can hereinspaziert film your als Farbe hatte und die andere das heute benutzte Orange. Weiterhin hat Midna die Gabe durch Schatten-Portale reisen zu können. Das Auffälligste an Midna ist ihr für ihre zarte Gestalt klobiger Kopfschmuck. Von diesem Punkt an begleitet sie Link.

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Midna's Lament - The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess After the Gate of Souls was opened in the Era of Twilight, Midna was transformed by Cia into her imp form again, and was forced out of the Twilight Realm by her and Zant in a newly formed alliance. Categories :. There was no time to talk about Midna's amazing transformation. Characters by Game. This interaction usually comes from Midna, while Click at this page usually just plays it off. Archived from midna original on August check this out,

Her plan gained support when she witnessed Link transform into a wolf after being pulled into the Twilight that now blankets the land.

Recalling a legend among her people that a hero would appear as a 'divine beast', Midna ultimately decided to use Link as a way to retake her throne.

Midna formally introduces herself to Link after he is imprisoned in Hyrule Castle and helps him escape through the Underground Waterway , during which she strikes a deal with him - she helps him find his kidnapped friends, provided he helps her locate and retrieve the three Fused Shadows she needs.

She initially believes him near incapable of prevailing against Zant, stating instead that he just barely may slip by.

Although initially maliciously playful and somewhat bossy toward Link, her attitude undergoes minuscule changes during their travels through the many dungeons of Hyrule as she comes to realize the things she has brought him through, apologizing to him near the end of the Lakebed Temple.

After the pair gather the third Fused Shadow, Zant confronts them, taking the three Fused Shadows and demanding to know how Midna could try and defy her "king.

Zant then attempts to sway Midna by convincing her to join him in his conquest of the Light World; however, she quickly refuses, showing that, despite her words, she seemed to care some for the light world.

Realizing that she will not join him and that she is a threat to his rule otherwise, Zant then decides to get rid of Midna altogether, maiming her by forcing her into the light of the spirit Lanayru.

Wolf Link takes Midna to Princess Zelda , hoping that she can remove the curse on him and heal Midna. As Midna is nearing death, she asks Zelda to grant Link access to the Mirror of Twilight so he can stop Zant without her.

Finally realizing who Midna truly is, Zelda decides to grant her light-filled soul to the Twili, though Midna tries to stop her and later claims, "I have taken everything you had to give Beginning from here, Midna's attitude changes.

Midna tells Link that, in order to destroy Zant, they must find the Mirror of Twilight to access the Twilight Realm again. When the two find it in the Mirror Chamber of Gerudo Desert , they see that it has been shattered into four shards; one of which still remains on the Mirror's pedestal.

The Ancient Sages of Hyrule appear and explain that it was Zant who broke the Mirror; but this happened only because the sages had previously sealed Ganondorf in the Twilight Realm, who inevitably gave Zant his power.

Midna later reveals that Zant could only shatter the Mirror; since he was not the true ruler of the Twili; he could not completely destroy it.

Cornered by her past, Midna finally reveals her intentions to Link: she did not care about what happened to the Realm of Light so long as her own kingdom was restored to normal.

However, she goes on to tell him that after seeing the selfless acts and sacrifices of both Link and Princess Zelda, she felt in the bottom of her heart that she had to save Hyrule, too.

However, she also tells the Sages, when they ask for her forgiveness for their carelessness, that she was hardly qualified to forgive them as it was thanks to them that she was forced to flee from her people.

When Link and Midna confront Zant in the Palace of Twilight , a long battle ensues spanning tactics and arenas from past bosses and sub-bosses of the game.

After the fight, Midna retrieves the Fused Shadows from Zant but does not return to her original form as she had hoped.

Zant then reveals to her that only by killing Ganondorf can the curse truly be lifted and Zant truly be destroyed; that was the purpose of the barrier erected outside Hyrule Castle — it would allow a safe place for Ganondorf to hide so that Zant could stay alive.

In a fit of rage, Midna uses the Fused Shadows to impale Zant with several locks of hair, killing him. After returning to the Light World and Hyrule Castle, she regains the magic of her inheritance and becomes able to use the Fused Shadows to transform herself into a gigantic, dark, arachnid-like creature and shatters the barrier surrounding Hyrule Castle.

Link and Midna then confront Ganondorf and, after Link battles both a possessed Zelda and Ganon himself in beast form, Zelda's soul is returned to her.

The Princess of Hyrule goes on to tell Midna that, as their souls had been united, she now fully understands Midna's suffering. Before the reunion can be completed, however, Ganondorf appears as a massive orb of dark flames resembling his own head.

Midna then prepares the Fused Shadows and, against Link's wishes, warps him and Zelda out of the castle. After a smile at her disappearing friends, Midna then takes on her bestial form and attacks Ganondorf.

Link and Zelda are warped to Hyrule Field, and from there they witness the castle being destroyed by a massive explosion.

However, it is soon revealed that Ganondorf was victorious; he emerges from the castle carrying Midna's mask, crushing it in his hand to symbolize her defeat.

After Link, with some assistance from Zelda, defeats Ganondorf once and for all, the Light Spirits bring her back to life and the curse placed on her by Ganondorf's evil magic finally dissolves.

In a comical moment when Link first sees her true form, she is amused by his silence and asks, "What?

Say something! Am I so beautiful that you've no words left? She then takes leave of the Light Realm, saying goodbye and thanking Zelda.

Turning to Link, Midna states that as long as the Mirror of Twilight remains intact, she and Link could see each other again someday, and begins a sentence: "Link, I Midna returns to her realm just before the Mirror shatters, destroying the only known bond between the two worlds; however, this may not exclude the possibility of Midna returning in a future game.

Like Navi in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time , Midna acts as a guide who helps the player learn the controls and advance in the game.

Unlike the fairy companions , she does not offer information on enemies and talking to her will give Link a small tip on what the player must do to progress or to defeat a boss.

While Link is in wolf form , she usually rides on his back and assists him with an attack that creates a field of dark energy, allowing Link to lock onto any enemies within it and charge at all of them consecutively.

When her icon appears, she can assist Wolf Link with jumps that Link cannot normally perform. In the Light World, she appears as a somewhat ghostly silhouette composed of shadow, yet can still communicate with Link and is needed to pass into the twilight from the Light World.

Early in the game, Midna will allow Wolf Link to teleport to Twilight Portals across Hyrule , thus quickly spanning great distances.

Once Link obtains the Master Sword , calling Midna will allow Link to freely transform into wolf form and vice versa except for when in the presence of people, where Midna will forbid transforming to avoid startling them and causing a panic.

Her hair can form into a hand, allowing Link to jump to faraway locations, to open doors, or to catch charging enemies. As the proper ruler of the Twilight Realm, Midna is by virtue of position and heritage the most powerful Twili mage, and thus she suffered a great loss of power when turned into an imp until regaining her true form.

She has a variety of powers from her tribe's shadow magic, which include:. Midna's true form is that of an female Twili who possess great power and the ability to destroy the Mirror of Twilight , as she is the true ruler of Twilight.

Though little of her powers are actually seen in Twilight Princess , they are generally considered to be stronger than her imp form.

She is apparently immune to the light of the Light World while in the form, however it is unknown if her true form already possessed this immunity, the result from being healed by Princess Zelda after being exposed to light of Lanayru, or if her immunity was bestowed to her by the Light Spirits when they resurrected her possibly as a reward for her assistance in the defeat of Ganondorf and Zant.

Due to a curse placed on her, Midna is transformed into a feline-like imp. Though she retains some of her Twili powers while in this form, they are considered to be weaker than what she possesses in her natural Twili form.

As an imp, Midna is forced to resort to acquiring the Fused Shadow a dark ancient artifact created by her Interloper ancestors, one of which she wears as a mask-like helmet.

In her imp form she is capable of using Twilight Portals and transforming into a shadow to hide and exist in the Light World, as the Light is harmful to her, though she later gains an immunity to it after she is healed by Zelda.

She is also capable of breathing underwater, and shapeshifting herself into others such as Ilia , though she only uses this power jokingly.

Even though her powers are diminished while in this form, her abilities prove invaluable to Link in his quest to save Hyrule.

Through the power of the Fused Shadow , Midna can take on the form an otherworldly masked beast. In this form she can wield the spear she used to kill Zant, with its power great enough to break the barrier over Hyrule Castle , said barrier being a by-product of Ganondorf's magic.

However, her power is shown to be inferior to Ganondorf's full powers as a whole, as his power is implied to originate from the Triforce of Power.

In the official Twilight Princess trading card deck , Midna has two cards: one for her imp form and one for her true form. Midna's true form card, "Princess Midna," is one of the nine gold cards in the trading card series.

Spoiler warning : Spoilers end here. Subseries warning : This article or section contains information on a subseries within the Legend of Zelda series and should be considered part of its own separate canon.

Midna appears as a playable character in Hyrule Warriors in her cursed form. She ranked at fifth place on the top ten best female video game characters by members of Official Nintendo Magazine ' s forum.

The ONM staff added that she was well loved by Nintendo fans, and her back story made it difficult to dislike her.

Thomas refers to her as essentially the second playable character in Twilight Princess. Midna has been compared to several characters in fiction, most often to fellow The Legend of Zelda series character Navi.

The Register editor Tyler Stewart made such a comparison, calling Midna annoying. He added that unlike Navi, she had an actual personality and an ambiguous sense of morality.

He went further to suggest that these kinds of characters could be based on Tinker Bell from Peter Pan.

Before the release of Super Smash Bros. Brawl , Midna's inclusion as a playable character was a popular suggestion amongst fans.

In an article detailing the top ten most-wanted characters for Brawl , IGN editors Phil Pirrello and Richard George ranked Midna third, citing her controlling personality and shadow-based powers, which they say would add some much-needed unconventional gameplay to the Super Smash Bros.

Both of these were written by Lucas M. Thomas, who also praised the character for her potential as a quality Super Smash Bros.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with Mdina. Archived from the original on 28 June Retrieved 28 June Game Informer.

Archived from the original on Retrieved The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia. Super Smash Bros. Brawl Wii. Scene: Trophy description.

Archived from the original on August 2, Retrieved April 30, Midna : I was planning on helping you Midna : I'll guide you to the sure footing, so target me with Z and follow me with A!

Zant : So be it However, after witnessing the heroism of both Link and Zelda, the latter having sacrificed herself to save Midna by infusing her with her life force and thus losing her physical form , she gains respect for the people of the light, wanting to do everything in her grasp to save both worlds.

From then on, Link and Midna maintain a strong friendship, and she is far less disdainful and more amiable and kind to him.

Towards the end, Midna sacrifices herself as a last desperate attempt to kill Ganondorf, sending Link and Zelda to safety.

She appears to be defeated, and Link mourns her death after killing Ganondorf. Shortly after the Light Spirits restore her, and with Ganondorf's power lifted, she is in her true form.

Noticing Link's surprise, she jokingly says to him: "What? Say something! Am I so beautiful that you have no words left?

Zelda, Link and Midna return to the Mirror of Twilight , where the latter breaks it, to both Zelda and Link's surprise, seemingly sealing the worlds of Light and Twilight from each other forever, as only the true ruler of the Twilight Realm can destroy the Mirror.

Shedding a single tear which is used to destroy the Mirror , her parting words are "Link See you later.

When Link first meets Zelda, Midna addresses her as "Twilight Princess," [13] and seems to be very aggressive and supercilious of her and her decision to choose Hyrule being turned to Twilight over death.

Midna often mocks Zelda throughout the game. During the final battle, Ganondorf possesses Zelda's body, and Midna tries to use her own to protect the princess.

When this fails, Midna looks ready to attack Zelda, but softens and sadly places her hand on Zelda's cheek, and is attacked by Ganon's Puppet Zelda.

When she awakens from the attack, Midna uses the Fused Shadows to eradicate Ganon's presence from Zelda, placing her out of harm's way.

Zelda says that her and Midna's hearts were as one briefly, and she understands Midna's suffering.

When Ganondorf resurfaces later, Midna sacrifices herself to attempt to defeat him, and warps Zelda and Link outside the Castle to safety.

Although it appears as if she has died, Midna is later returned to her true form after Ganon's defeat. At the Mirror of Twilight , Midna intends to leave and says that light and shadow cannot mix.

The Usurper King Zant turned the Twilight Princess, Midna, into an imp to prevent her from retaking the throne and as punishment for defying him.

Midna seeks nothing else than to destroy him, using Link to collect pieces of the Fused Shadows that may defeat Zant. Fans speculate that Zant and Midna both belong to the royal family, hence Zant's expectation that he would ascend to the throne.

Although Midna doesn't know it initially, it is Ganondorf who pulls the strings behind Zant, who overthrew Midna and changed her into an imp with Ganondorf's power.

He intended to become ruler of both the Twilight and the Light, and Midna says to him she will do everything to deny him.

Midna also attempts to kill Ganondorf using the power of the Fused Shadows, but fails. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl , Midna appears as two Stickers and a Trophy.

She uses the Shackle as her Weapon, with which she uses to conjure powerful Twilight attacks. Her fighting style is brutal and wild, often consisting of her grabbing and throwing her enemies using her hair as well as summoning Shadow Wolves to attack.

In the game's Legend Mode , Cia is said to have transformed Midna into her imp form and she is now searching for Cia in order to be changed back.

She is first encountered as a villain by Lana and Agitha in " Land of Twilight ", having stolen Agitha's Goddess Butterfly after learning it could guide her to Cia.

She is soon tracked down by Lana and defeated, conceding defeat and surrendering the butterfly. However after learning that the Hyrulean Forces are not aided with Cia, she willingly joins their cause and travels with them to the Palace of Twilight , where the era's Gate of Souls is being guarded by Zant.

When defeated in battle as an opponent, Midna may either drop a lock of her Hair as a silver Material , or her piece of Fused Shadow as a gold Material.

When summoned, she attacks opponents with her hair in its arm form. She also appears as a Trophy.

Midna's name comes from the word "midnight. Sign In. From Zelda Wiki, the Zelda encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation , search.

Midna Artwork Render Model Sprite. Twilight Princess [2] Leader of the Twili [2]. Female [3]. Twilight Princess.

Super Smash Bros. Era of Twilight. Non-Canon Information. Brawl In Super Smash Bros. Midna was a princess in the Twilight Realm who was transformed into an imp by Zant.

Midna's personality is characterized by a sharp tongue and a tendency to act on whims. Midna pairs with Link to save the world. She also possesses powerful magic skills, such as the ability to warp through space.

You can help Zelda Wiki by expanding it. Midna — Spirit Battle Information. Foolish Twilight Princess The curse on you cannot be broken It was placed on you by the magic of my god!

The power you held as leader of the Twili will never return! A curse placed upon her by Zant causes her to physically transform and lose her magical abilities.

In the Light World, she appears as a shadow. I'm a descendant of the tribe that was banished to the Twilight Realm!

I didn't care what happened to the world of light, not at all. Your sacrifices I now know, in the bottom of my heart, that I must save this world, too.

There is no other way. They were banished. They were chased across the sacred lands of Hyrule and driven into another realm by the goddesses.

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Sie besitzt nun eine hellbläuliche Haut und trägt eine schwarze Robe. Ihr klobiger, für ihre Gestalt viel zu schwer anmutender Kopfschmuck ist wohl ihr auffälligstes Merkmal. Anfangs kannte sie Link gar nicht und scheuchte ihn quer durch Hyrule, um die Schattenkristalle zu finden. Obwohl diese Kraft Zanto besiegen konnte, erwähnte Midna, dass ihre Kräfte doch stärker sein sollten. Midna ist zu Beginn des Spiels noch gemein und nur an ihren eigenen Zielen interessiert, zeigt sie im späteren Handlungsverlauf das sich ihre Interessen gegnüber Link und Zelda nicht ändern. Vorne türmt sich der Kristall wie ein Geweih nach oben siehe Bild. Midnas wahre, menschliche Form. Aber sie erkannte, dass er in Wolfgestalt ein starkes Wesen sei. Mit der Macht der Schatten, kann Midna, nachdem Link die Dämonen der Finsternis besiegt hat, sich zwischen den verschiedenen Portalen teleportieren. Zanto verspottet sie und behauptet, dass sie nie ihre Form zurückerhalten see more, solange Just click for source lebt. Videospiele Filme TV Https:// Durch Ganondorfs Ende und den Segen der Elsner nackt hannelore wird der Fluch von ihr genommen und die Fürstin midna Schatten kann ihre wahre Gestalt wieder annehmen. Sie hatte die Absicht gehabt, ihn auszunutzen. Durch Ganondorfs Ende und den Segen der Lichtgeister source der Fluch von ihr genommen click to see more die Fürstin der Schatten kann ihre wahre Gestalt wieder annehmen. Während der Konfrontation mit Click at this page in Schloss Hyrule nutzt Midna die Schattenkristalle, um sich in ein gigantisches Energiewesen zu verwandeln. Der Körperbau diente to android kinox Vorlage für alle anderen Modelle von Midna. Nach dem Überarbeiten entferne bitte diesen Baustein wieder. Twilight Princess. Sie besitzten beide Kontaktverbindungen zu einander, ohne dass es die Menschen aus Hyrule midna. Fürstin der Schatten menschliche Form Schattenkristall-Form nachdem Midna alle Schattenkristalle bekommen hat, kann sie eine midna Masse erschaffen, siehe "Fähigkeiten". Als Midna öfters erfuhr, dass Link und Zelda von den Göttinnnen ausserwählt wurden, spürte sie, wie click Link und Zelda für sie sind und fühlte auch, wie Zelda und Link dagegen kämpfen müssen.

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